East London Annual BMSC Motorcycle Race Day

Friday 26th April 2019 – Official Practice

Practice 1 Fri 10:40am
Practice 2 Fri 11:40am
Practice 3 Fri 14:40

Saturday 27th April 2019 – Race Day

Qualifying Sat 9:35am
Race 1 Sat 12:05am
Race 2 Sat 14:45pm

Competing Riders:

East London 27 April 2019

Surname Name Race # Class 1

1 Collard Jonty 11 A
2 Bontekoning Brian 16 C
3 Robinson Kyle 18 A
4 Jackson Gareth 21 A
5 Bezuidenhout Gareth 22 A
6 Harwood Ian 24 B
7 Niewenhuys Dale 27 A
8 Rohrbeck Carl 36 C
9 Van Breda Graeme 41 B
10 Gous Jaco 43 A
11 Le Roux Johan 44 C
12 Marais Abrie 48 A
13 Smit Michael 49 A
14 Morf Rob 55 A
15 Themba Sifiso 63 A
16 Schuiling Henk 69 C
17 Preller Colin 79 C
18 Spicer Wayne 90 B
19 Brooke Teddy 93 C
20 Ogle Clifford 95 A

2017 Records

2018 Race Winner: 


Graeme Van Breda

Best Lap:


Graeme Van Breda 

Average Speed (km/h) 


Average Speed (km/h)

The Grand Prix

History – East London Grand Prix Circuit

The interest in motor racing was ignited in the early 1930s after the municipality had constructed a circular road on the West Bank of East London.

Mr. Brud Bishop, the motoring editor of the local newspaper, The Daily Dispatch, took a Sunday drive around the route and the idea sprung to mind to hold a race there.

His ideal position at the Dispatch allowed him all the right contacts and, as he was born in England and had started his working career there, entries were soon being received from abroad, as well as around the country.

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