Pre Race 4 Zwartkops

We are moving to our home track, Zwartkops for 12 May. If you are a Gautenger make use of the
opportunity to come witness all the ZX10 Masters Cup action!! And for our East London and Port
Elizabeth fans, we are heading your way in June and July.

So going to Zwartkops one might ask what has changed? Nothing …….yes, nothing has changed in the
Overall and Veterans’ championships as Graeme (#1) and Sven (#66) is fighting like raging bulls for those
leadership points. And there is still no difference in points between the two of them. It is truly
something to watch. With Sanjiv (#12) not able to attend this event, Wayne (#90) and Greg (#10) have
an opportunity to move up to that third spot in the Veterans championship.

Gareth (#22) on the other hand has made progress in the Masters’ championship by winning both races
in this class at the Phakisa event and snatching up 50 points, thank you very much! He is now only 19
points behind Jaco (#43), but Jaco is fast around Zwartkops, he lead a Zwartkops race somewhere last
year, maybe he will do it again. Jonty (#11), Appanna (#77) and Michael (#49) are in for a fears battle for
the 3 rd place with 1 point each between them.

The Extreme Veteran class is the only class where the leader Pieter (#17) has managed to pull a slight
lead on the other riders in this class. But he will not relax, he knows that Teddy (#93) and Brian (#16) in
2 nd and 3 rd place are not going to let him get away with it for long. Brian has found first gear since Phakisa
(where he tried to pull away in 10 th /no gear) and will be all concentration.

Come and enjoy some racing and the autumn sunshine with us at Zwartkops, we would love to see you
there. We are pitting just next to the canteen, what more do you want!
Going to Zwartkops the points look like this:


  1st Points 2nd Points 3rd Points
Overall Graeme van Breda (#1) 135 Sven Grüne (#66) 135 Pieter de Vos (#17) 82
Masters  Jaco Gous (#43) 140 Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) 121 Jonty Collard (#11)  81
Veterans   Graeme van Breda (#1)  135 Sven Grüne (#66)  135  Sanjiv Singh (#12)  96
 Pieter de Vos (#17)  145  Teddy Brooke (#93)  108  Brian Bontekoning (#16)  91


On behalf of all the members of the ZX10 Masters Cup we would like to thank our sponsors:
Bridgestone, Kawasaki, and Red Square and a sincere thank you to everybody at MSA.

We will see you at the track!


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