Extreme Festival – Post Race 3 Report: Phakisa

“That was a very lekker race weekend” to quote Jonty Collard (#11). We all had fun, and an “away race”
for the Gauteng crowd always gives us the opportunity to spend some social time with our fellow riders.
Maybe that’s what made the weekend lekker!

On the track, Graeme van Breda (#1) ran into some engine problems on Friday, and Ian Harwood (#23),
the Bridgestone man, offered his bike to Graeme, as not racing would mean the end of Graeme’s
championship for the entire year. What a great sportsman, Ian you are! And Graeme prooved that it is all
about talent. Having some setup issues for sure, but he didn’t give Sven Grüne an inch of the tar. Sven
had to work just as hard as always and they put up a great show. We all held our breath for both races.
Just to give you an idea of how close it was, the total time was 27.42.469 for Sven and 27.42.667 for
Graeme; it was as close as two coats of paint! Sjoe!

Ruan Oberholser (#34) had a tumble in qualifying, but still finished both races, well done Ruan. Bonti
(#16) had a dismal start in race 1; this didn’t hinder him from ending third in his class. Wayne Spicer
(#90) took the rider of the day trophy, his hard work is paying off and riding two different categories at
each event, is not easy at all, but Wayne is getting super bike fit and teaching a lot of the younger
generation in the other categories a thing or two. Wayne is also the current leader in the overall Sub10
Superbike championship and the leader of Class A in that championship.

Sanjiv Singh (#12) loved the track and described it as one of the best tracks in South Africa. It was Sifiso
Themba’s (#63) first time racing at Phakisa and he said he is learning new things at every event. And a
big thumbs up to Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) for taking the class win for the masters, with Jaco Gous
(#43) second and Appanna Ganapathy (#77) in third place.

Pelo (#80) being his home track gave it all that includes a Win in the Bridgestone Challenge.

The results for Phakisa were as follow:

Overall: Sven Grüne (#66) Graeme van Breda (#1) Gareth Bezuidenhout(#22)
Masters: Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) Jaco Gous (#43) Appanna Ganapathy (#77)
Veterans: Sven Grüne (#66) Graeme van Breda(#1) Sanjiv Singh (#12)
Extreme Veterans: Pieter de Vos (#17) Teddy Brooke (#93) Brian Bontekoning (#16)

For the Points table log click here

I can assure you no other racing in South Africa can be compared to the racing of the ZX10 Masters Cup,
if you ever have an opportunity to attend one of their races, do yourself a favor.

On behalf of all the members of the ZX10 Masters Cup we would like to thank our sponsors:
Bridgestone, Kawasaki, and Red Square and a sincere thank you to everybody at Extreme Festival, the
Marshalls and the medical personnel, without you we cannot race.
We will see you at the track!
Lynette and Sifiso (#63)

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