Motorsport Festival – Race 2 Report

Gauteng was blessed with rain as from the Wednesday before our race at Kyalami! More rain fell in a span of 48 hours than had fallen in the previous two months of the rainy season. So we had to dust of the wet tyres, unlucky for riders, such as Sanjiv (#12), we never got to use the wets. I have to agree with Sanjiv though; a wet race will be interesting. With the rain flooding the track, Friday practice was impossible. The marshals’ tried their best to sweep the water away, but Mother Nature won the battle. So we woke up on Saturday and the clouds were in our favor, the sun came out and it was a perfect day for racing.

Sven Grüne (#66) and Graeme van Breda (#1) once again fought for the first place with everything inside of them. It was an epic race to see, not knowing who will be coming out of the corner first. Jaco Gous (#43) once again showing that he is a strong contender this year, taking the 3rd place in race 1. Pieter de Vos (#17) got his rhythm back in race 2 and secured the 3rd place overall in race 2.
Brian Bontekoning (#16) got the shortest stick for the day, and fell on the last corner of lap one race 1. He picked the bike up and got back on the track, the broken gear selector had no plans of finishing the race, but Brian was back for race 2.

The ZX10 Club welcomed three new riders for this event being: Guy Didcott (#88), Rob Cragg (#78) and Ruan Oberholster (#34). They were not intimidated by this at all and they seemed as if they have always been part of the family. Rob finished 5th in his class, Guy 6th and Ruan 7th.
Racing at the great Kyalami racetrack was fierce throughout the pack, with some winners and some losers. The track was super-fast and riders did low 1minute 52 seconds. Peter Clark (#64) took rider of the day for finishing 7 places higher than where he qualified. The excitement of race 1 was one to many for Andre van Vollenstee (#82) and Greg Bezuidenhout (#10) who both jumped the red light! Andre took the holeshot and Paul Blackburn (RacePics) got a priceless photo of Andre looking back at the other riders behind him. What a view! The 30 second penalty is harsh but lessons need to be learned!

The crowd went wild when the bikes came out for race two; it was a sight and noise to be heard on pit lane. We all had goosebumps.
How can you not love racing……?

It all ended like this:

Overall: 1st Graeme van Breda (#1)​2nd Sven Grüne​(#66)​​3rd Pieter de Vos (#17)
Class A: 1st Jaco Gous (#43) ​​2nd Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) ​3rd Jonty Collard (#11)
Class B: 1st Graeme van Breda (#1)​2nd Sven Grüne (#66)​​3rd Sanjiv Singh (#12)
Class C: 1st Pieter de Vos (#17)​​2nd Teddy Brooke (#93)​​3rd Johan le Roux (#44)

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