Post Race 4 Report: Zwartkops

Congratulations to Sven Grüne (#66) who won both races at Zwartkops, now leading the Overall and
Veterans championships! We are almost reaching the halfway mark on this season’s racing calendar and
the battles are fierce for the championship spots.

There was plenty of action between Jaco Gous (#43), his brother-in-law Michael Smit (#49), Jonty Collard
(#11), Johan le Roux (#44) and Appanna Ganapathy (#77). They were all in the running for that fourth
spot overall, with Pieter de Vos (#17) having an unfortunate incident on lap 3 of race 1. He made up for
it in the second race though, and managed to stay second for a couple of laps, before being overtaken
by Graeme van Breda (#1), making big strides to catch Sven.

What an excellent finish by Jacques Ackerman (#70), only his third time out at Zwartkops and finishing
his best ever position in the series in eleventh place, with consistent lap times in the 1.07’s. Greg
Bezuidenhout (#10) and Wayne Spicer (#90) finished only 0.03 seconds from each other. Lower down in
the pack another group of riders made life difficult for each other with very similar lap times. Ian
Harwood (#23), Pelo Seate (#80), Sifiso Themba (#63) and Ruan Oberholster (#34) battled to overtake
each other, and had a race of their own within the race!

The results for Zwartkops were as follow:

Overall: 1st ​Sven Grüne​(#66)                   2ndGraeme van Breda (#1) ​​  3rd Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22)
Class A: 1st Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) ​​2nd Jaco Gous (#43)             ​ 3rd Michael Smith (#49)
Class B: 1st Sven Grüne (#66) ​                  2nd​​ Graeme van Breda (#1) 3rd Greg Bezuidenhout (#10)
Class C: 1stJohan le Roux (#44)               2nd Teddy Brooke (#93)​​       3rd Rodney Mclachlan (#42) 

The Rider of the day was Michael Smit (#49), finishing 5 th overall, his best position since he started racing
in the ZX10 Masters Cup and he also took 3 rd in the Masters class.

On behalf of all the members of the ZX10 Masters Cup we would like to thank our sponsors:
Bridgestone, Kawasaki, and Red Square.

We will see you in East London on 16 June and in Port Elizabeth on 14 July!
Lynette and Sifiso (#63)

Pre Race 3 Report Phakisa

Phakisa here we come, you are not missing out on the ZX10 Masters show as in the 2017 season! In
racing, there are always a few riders who are good at certain track, maybe because it is their home track
or maybe they just like a specific track. And talking about home tracks, Phakisa is the home of Pelo Seate
(#80); keep your eyes on him! There are also a few other riders who can go around Phakisa with their
eyes closed, like Stewie Christi (#65) who has instructed at so many track days there, that I think he has
lost count.

Don’t close your eyes on 14 April though, the season has just started and the championship “fights” are
already heating up! In the Overall and Veteran’s championships there’s a zero (0) point difference
between the 2017 champion, Graeme van Breda (#1) and 2016 champion, Sven Grüne (#66), both with
90 points in their pockets. And in the Masters class Jonty Collard (#11) and Michael Smit (#49) both have
their eyes set on that 3 rd place with 58 point each. In the masters class Jaco Gous (#43) has grabbed up
all the winning points so far, but can Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) catch him? The Extreme Veteran class
has all the riders with the most experience in the Club. Most of them have been members of the Club
since its inception; between them they have experience that will put the others to shame. We salute
you! (Pieter #17, Teddy #93, Brian #16, JLR #44, Andre #82, Stuart #83, Stewie #65, Rodney #42, JB #23,
Peter #64, Henk #69 and Hannes #15) Their first wives have keys and they love them to bits.
Before we all need tissues, back to the racing! Take a weekend off, pack your bags and come to Phakisa
on 14 April which is where the legends of circuit motorcycle racing in South Africa will be.
Going to Phakisa the points look like this:


1st Points 2nd Points 3rd Points
Overall Graeme van Breda (#1) 90 Sven Grüne (#66) 90 Pieter de Vos (#17) 56
Masters  Jaco Gous (#43) 100 Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22) 71 Jonty Collard (#11)  58
Veterans   Graeme van Breda (#1)  90 Sven Grüne (#66)  90  Sanjiv Singh (#12)  64
 Pieter de Vos (#17)  95  Teddy Brooke (#93)  72  Brian Bontekoning (#16)  58


On behalf of all the members of the ZX10 Masters Cup we would like to thank our sponsors:
Bridgestone, Kawasaki, and Red Square and a sincere thank you to everybody at MSA.

We will see you at the track!


Kyalami Race Schedule – 24 March 2018

Friday 23rd March 2018 – Official Practice

Practice 1 Fri 7:20am
Practice 2 Fri 9:55am
Practice 3 Fri 12:55pm

Saturday 24th March 2018 – Race Day

Qualifying Sat 7:50am
Race 1 Sat 10:05am
Race 2 Sat 14:10pm


Competing Riders:

Surname Name Race # Class
1 Ackermann Jacques 70 A
2 Bezuidenhout Gareth 22 A
3 Bezuidenhout Greg 10 B
4 Bontekoning Brian 16 C
5 Brooke Teddy 93 C
6 Christie Stewie 65 C
7 Clark Peter 64 C
8 Collard Jonty 11 A
9 Cragg Rob 78 A
10 De Vos Hannes 15 B
11 De Vos Pieter 17 C
12 Didcott Guy 88 B
13 Ganapathy Appanna 77 A
14 Gous Jaco 43 A
15 Grüne Sven 66 B
16 Harwood Ian 24 B
17 Le Roux Johan 44 C
18 McLachlan Rodney 42 C
19 Oberholster Ruan 34 A
20 Russel Stuart 83 C
21 Schoeman J B 23 C
22 Schuiling Henk 69 C
23 Seate Mmusapelo 80 A
24 Singh Sanjiv 12 B
25 Smit Michael 49 A
26 Spicer Wayne 90 B
27 Themba Sifiso 63 A
28 Van Breda Graeme 1 B
29 Van Vollenstee Andre 82 C

2017 Records

Race Winner:

Sven Grune

Best Lap:


No.22 Gareth Bezuidenhout

Average Speed (km/h)

Average Speed (km/h)145.4km/h

The Grand Prix

The 16-turn, 4.522km anti – clockwise FIA graded circuit takes advantage of the naturally undulating landscape creating a challenging blend of sweeping, fast sections and tight, technical corners which makes Kyalami legendary. The average circuit width is 12 meters with the main straight being 15 metres in width. The circuit includes a full pit lane with 40 garages, as well as a secondary pit lane on the Platform 1 area.