Zwartkops: Annual Passion for Speed – Race 1 Report

There is no better way to start the racing season of, than at the annual Passion for Speed, held at Zwartkops Raceway.

It was a hot summer’s day, and the racing was even hotter. Sven Grüne (#66) and Graeme van Breda (#1) was fiercely fighting for that first overall place for the day, again, with only more than a second between then at the end!  This year will also see them fighting for the first place in the veterans class, since Graeme has now moved up from the masters class. Third overall was taken by Pieter de Vos (#17), we hope to see a lot more of Pieter this year, as he was unable to complete in some of the races last year.

The masters class is open for the taking this year to Jaco Gous (#43) and Gareth Bezuidenhout (#22). With Jaco taking rider of the year last year, having a lot to prove this year, and Gareth who is a very committed and focused rider. Gareth will not allow Jaco to run away with it that easily. Michael Smit (#49) is on their heels and he might be the quiet one, but do not under estimate him, now lying third in the masters’ championship. Jacques Ackerman (#70) is the newest rider in the master pack, all the way from the Cape, he has a lot to learn about the Gauteng tracks, but he will get there.

Sanjiv Singh (#12), the rider form KZN, took 3rd in the Veterans class, just behind Graeme and the leader Sven. Sanjiv makes meticulous notes about all of the tracks and it did not take him long to master the Gauteng tracks, maybe he could take Jacques under his wing.

The extreme veteran class was won by Pieter and 2nd in that class was Brian Bontekoning (#16), the crowd’s favorite, as he also took rider of the day! Don’t forget about the usually suspects in this class, Teddy Brooke(#93) and the legends of the ZX10 Masters Cup, they have been part of the Club since it started. And they are forever present, Johan le Roux (#44), Andre van Vollenstee (#82), Stewie Christie (#65), Stuart Russel (#83), Rodney McLachlan (#42) and JB Schoeman (#23); you cannot miss his laugh from a mile away.

But, there is always a but. There are no less than 3 new riders who will be joining in the fun at the next event. And yes, it is a big one at the proudly South African track, which can only be Kyalami on the 24th March 2018. We are already rubbing our hands together in anticipation! See you there!

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